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last update // 17.6.2010

Preservation of the masses of iron finds is still a problem. Although somewhat neglected in the last decades, now there are many current research projects going on in Germany and worldwide. The colloquium will review the state of the art of archaeological iron conservation and related research; speakers from all parts of the world will present their work. Main topics are the corrosion and the stabilization of iron finds from the soil and the sea. Archaeological conservators and conservation scientists are invited to participate in this major conference.
Landesamt fuer Denkmalpflege Baden-Wuerttemberg
AIAE "Archaeological Iron after Excavation", sub-WG of ICOM-CC WG "Metals"
Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)
Landesmuseum Sachsen-Anhalt / KUR-Project

state academy of art and design Stuttgart, objects conservation
aim of the conference