conference day 1
programme // June 24th 2010
08.30 am registration open
09.00 am Gerhard Eggert, Stuttgart (D):
Introduction to the conference
09.25 am Eric Nordgren, Newport News (USA):
Welcome from AIAE
Session I iron conservation science // Chair: Gerhard Eggert
09.30 am Katharina Schmidt-Ott, Zurich (CH):
Plasma-reduction, its potential and limits in the conservation
of metals
10.00 am Britta Schmutzler, Stuttgart (D):
The chloride left behind: (dis)solving an analytical problem
10.30 am coffee break / poster discussion
11.00 am David Thickett, London (UK):
The formation and transformation of akaganeite
11.30 am Quanyu Wang, London (UK):
Unusual corrosion products of iron
12.00 pm Celine Remazeilles, La Rochelle (F):
Metastable iron sulphides as corrosion products of iron archaeological
12.30 pm lunch break
01.15 pm a short walk into architectural history - the Weissenhofsiedlung
(optional, sign up at registration)
Session II iron conservation projects around the world // CHAIR: Andrea Fischer
02.00 pm Olimpia Muresan, Oradea (RO):
Corrosion and conservation problems of iron artefacts from Oradea Fortress
02.30 pm Tobias Friedrich, Cologne (D):
The Cucagna Conservation Project - Conservation of archaeological
finds and conservation research in Friaul
03.00 pm coffee break
03.15 pm Rose Johnson, London (UK)
Iron from London waterlogged sites: Assessing the outcomes of
treatment and passive storage
03.45 pm Cristina Mazzola, Munich (D)
The KUR-project - Large quantity finds in archaeological collections
04.15 pm Manako Tanaka, Tokyo (J)
Metallurgical properties of steel used in a Japanese matchlock gun
04.45 pm end of session, transfer to Esslingen am Neckar by rail
06.00 pm city-walk through the old city of Esslingen
at Salemer Pfleghof, Esslingen
07.00 pm David A. Scott, Los Angeles (USA):
Iron and the microscope
08.00 pm conference dinner (25 EUR, free for speakers)
Welcome Address by Dr. Joerg Bofinger, LAD Baden-Wuerttemberg
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